Supplier Results Page

Select filters and the Filter by or Exclude behavior to focus the result set.

Click the # Selected button to keep or remove selected results.


Click the X to clear an individual filter or Clear All Filters. Multiple filters of the same category appear under a drop-down menu.


Download supplier information as an Excel or PDF file. Note: PDF downloads include search task history.

Sort suppliers by relevance, name, ships within time, or substance purity.

Share results via email.

Click the supplier name to view its supplier result's detail page.

Click Order From Supplier to open the ordering page on the supplier's website.

Check the box to select result(s) to keep/remove, save, email, or download.
Note: The number assigned to a result (next to the box) may change.

Click thumbs up to specify a supplier as Preferred or thumbs down for Non-Preferred. Preferred suppliers will appear at the top of the list.

Download the contents (name and number value) for all or applied filters as an .xlsx file.

Click the CAS Registry Number to view the substance's information window.

Click Product Information to open the product's information page on the supplier's website.

Type a page number and press Enter to go to that page.