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Select filters and the Filter by or Exclude behavior to focus the result set.

Click the # Selected button to keep or remove selected results.


Query term highlighting.

Click the Substances, Reactions, or "Citing buttons to retrieve data related to the result set.

Note: Match highlighting does not carry over to related result sets and their downloads.

View a visualization of the connectivity and shared indexing of the first 150 currently displayed reference results.

Click the X to clear an individual filter or Clear All Filters. Multiple filters of the same category appear under a drop-down menu.


Sort the result set by relevance, times cited, accession number, or publication date.

View no, partial, or full abstracts.

Combine results with a saved results and searches.

Download results to a .pdf or .rtf file and result details to an .ris, .pdf, .rtf, or .txt file. Note: PDF and RTF downloads include search task history.

Share results via email.

Save selected results/search and create alert.

Click the title to view the reference result's detail page.

Click the PatentPak button, and then click a PatentPak Option to view the patent reference.

Check the box to select result(s) to keep/remove, save, email, or download.
Note: The number assigned to a result (next to the box) may change.

Access full-text options.

Click the Substances, Reactions, "Citing, or Citation Map buttons to retrieve data related to a reference result.

Download the contents (name and number value) for all or applied filters as an .xlsx file.

Type a page number and press Enter to go to that page.

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