Working with Search Results

When a search is completed, you can view and filter the results, change the result display, retrieve related data, and keep/remove, combine with saved items, download, email, or save selected results.

Filter Results

You can focus the result set by applying filters. The result set changes dynamically as filters are applied or removed. (See Filter Substances, Filter Reactions, Filter References, or Filter Suppliers for information about the filters specific to each result type.)

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Change Result Display

Select a View option to change how the results are displayed. For example, on the Substances page, the options are Full and Partial. The Partial view displays the substances in a grid with a minimum of data.






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Retrieve Related Data

For example, on the Substances page, there are options to retrieve References, Reactions, and Suppliers for all or selected results.


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Keep or Remove Results

Keep Selected Results: All unselected results removed.

Remove Selected Results: All selected results removed.

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Combine with Saved Items

Combine Substance, Patent Markush, Reaction, or Reference results with saved results or a search.

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Download Results

Click the Download icon to download all, selected, or a range of results:

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Share Results by Email

Click the Email icon to share results with a colleague via email. If no results are explicitly selected, the entire result set is shared. The person who receives the email must log in to CAS SciFindern to view the results.

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Save Search and Selected Results

If there are selected results, the specific results are saved along with the search that produced them.

If there are not selected results, the only search is saved.

Click the Save and Alert button:


Click the Save button.

The saved results/search will appear on the Your Saved Items page with any alert settings and tagging you specified.

The Your Saved Items page is also where you manage the alerts and tags for the saved results/searches.

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