Find References by a Specific Author

Using a combination of Advanced Search Fields and the Author filter, you may find references by a particular author. In the following example, we want to find any references by Chi-Ju Hsiao.

  1. Select the References search type.

  2. Enter the author’s name (starting with the last name) in the Author Name field. As you enter text, you can also select one of the suggestions that appear.

  3. Click the button. On the References page, you will see matching author names highlighted.

  4. Click View All under the Author filter.

  5. In the Author window, click the Alphanumeric tab.

  6. Click the tab for the first letter of the author's last name (in our example, Hsiao).

  7. Select the author's name, and then click the Apply button.

Instead of seeing 405 references from all matches, we are now seeing just the 6 reference results with Chi-Ju Hsiao.

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