Find References Using Search Terms and Chemical Structure

You may add a chemical structure to search field terms and/or Advanced Search Fields.

Note: If you enter both a search term query and a structure query, the search results must match both criteria (queries are joined by the logical AND).

For example, I'll enter the substance name ibuprofen in the search field.

Next, I'll add some Advanced Search Fields:

Lastly, I'll click the Draw button and import the structure for solifenacin in CASDraw.

The value(s) in the search field are combined with the output of the Advanced Search Fields (operators are processed in OR/AND/NOT order) and then added to the chemical structure:

Search Field: Ibuprofen


Advanced Search Fields:

AND Author Name: Dill, David AND Patent Identifier: US20180264013



Ibuprofen AND (Author Name: Dill, David AND Patent Identifier: US20180264013) AND

This search returns 20 results containing Ibuprofen that also have David Dill as the author, US20180264013 as a patent identifier AND have solifenacin as an indexed substance.

To edit the Advanced Search Fields from the results page, click the Edit Search button in the References search field.

Click the Edit button, and then click Edit Drawing to edit the structure query.

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