Find References Using CODEN, Keyword, and Publication Year

Using Advanced Search Fields, you may find references using information such as a document identifier like CODEN, keywords, and publication year. In the following example, let's find articles with the CODEN "VIRUBR," keyword "influenza," and publication year range of 2000-2015.

  1. Select the References search type.

  2. Select Document Identifier.

  3. Enter the CODEN document identifier.

  4. Add another Advanced Search Field, click Select > Abstract/Keywords, and enter the keyword from our example, "influenza."

  5. Add another Advanced Search Field, click Select > Publication Year, and then enter the year range (in our example, 2000-2015).

  6. Click the button.

  7. On the References page, we are now seeing references with the keyword "influenza" in the abstract and published in the 2010-2015 year range.

    The CODEN document identifier is visible on the Reference Detail page.

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