Find References Using Author and Keywords

Using a combination of the Author and Abstract/Keywords Advanced Search fields, you may find references by a particular author and keyword. In the following example, we want to find any references by Jochen K. Schubert with the keywords "VOC" and "pulmonary" in the abstract.

  1. Select the References search type.

  2. Enter the name in last name, first name middle name format. field. As you enter text, you can also select one of the suggestions that appear.


  3. Next, we'll Add another Advanced Search Field, select Abstract/Keywords, and then enter the first keyword (in our example, VOC).

  4. Repeat step 3 to add another keyword (in our example, pulmonary).

  5. Click the button.

In our example, there are 5 references by Jochen K. Schubert with "VOC" or "pulmonary" in the abstract. Note that "lung" is highlighted as a synonym for "pulmonary."

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