April 4, 2018

Sort Substances by Number of Suppliers/References

These features allow a user to sort substances by the number of suppliers or references. Selecting these sort orders displays substances by descending number of suppliers or references. The sorts use the following keys:

Changing the sort order has no effect on previously employed filters and the sort order is saved with the query or bookmark if the user saves or shares the sorted substance result set. Selecting a new sort order will refresh the result set and display the result set in the new sort order. 

The new sort order is navigable; clicking the browser’s Back button returns the display to the previous sort order.

Facet Substances by the Presence of Isotopes/Metals

This feature allows users to facet substance result sets by the presence of isotopes as well as the presence of metals, similar to the current refine feature in CAS SciFinder.

Each facet will have two bins:

Support Alerts for Markush Structure Searches

This feature allows a user to set an alert on a Patent Markush structure search.


Display MethodsNow Safety Data in Reaction Detail

This feature allows a user to view the safety data associated with a MethodsNow reaction protocol that was previously not displayed in CAS SciFinder-n or CAS SciFinder. If the text is longer than 600 characters, a View More link is present. Clicking this link displays the remaining text, and then the link becomes a View Less link.


Improve Appearance of PDF Downloads

This epic will be completed across a number of builds and is intended to provide higher quality PDF downloads. This release includes the Suppliers result PDF.

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